“One of the biggest challenges that you have as an agency is training your recruiters.  With rapid expansion, replacing turnover is something that takes place constantly.  Yet, the worst thing is to take your top recruiters and take them off the desk to do the training, so what do you do?  The alternative is bringing in professional trainers, that’s great but after they leave after a couple days, you’re stuck holding the bag. So, I was so excited to see the Moxie Mentoring professional online training modules.  WOW! They have solved a problem that the industry has had for years!”
-Cynthia Kinnas
Founding Board Member, NATHO
“I have had the pleasure of working with Adam for several years now. He is an amazing trainer and sales person. Our company has been blessed to work with him and the Moxie Mentoring company. They are a big reason we were the fastest growing staffing company in the US this year. His vision and experience in this industry make him invaluable to anyone looking to improve their company. ”
-Steve Ryan
Owner/President, Atlas MedStaf
"Adam and the Moxie team provide our recruiters with industry-best training. The detail they’ve put into building their program is phenomenal. It is comprehensive and built using the same language other professionals in the space are familiar with. Alternative training solutions out there for staffing firms simply don’t translate to the travel healthcare staffing market the way the Moxie training program does. And to top things off, they now offer an online training platform. It’s obvious the Moxie team clearly understands the challenges agencies face when it comes to training their front-line sales/recruitment team! Now we’re able to train our recruiters AND keep our top performers doing what they do best-Recruiting! I highly recommend Moxie Mentoring’s on-site and ONLINE recruiter training program to any healthcare staffing firm looking to give their recruiters a competitive advantage!"
-Cole Reller
Primetime Healthcare, LLC
“We have partnered with Shari and Moxie Mentoring for over a year. Shari's coaching, mentoring and sales training has helped our organization achieve superior results. She is able to take her skill set and apply it to our company culture. I feel confident recommending Shari and Moxie Mentoring.”
-Diane Ernatt
Director of Logistics, Atlas MedStaff
“I have worked with Adam in two different settings, when he was a recruiter and again when he joined Moxie Mentoring. Adam helped mentor me in my recruiter role at Medical Solutions. He took time out of his busy day to dive deep into my process and determine what could make me a better recruiter. It was not required of him in his job at the time but Adam did not hesitate to help. Together we developed a plan to make the day to day work I was doing better, and even had me help keep him accountable in his work. Adam is a pleasure to work with. He truly digs deep to do anything in his power to help. I would without hesitation recommend Adam and Moxie Mentoring to any project. ”
-Aaron Biddle
Recruiter, Atlas MedStaff
"We trust all of our training to Shari, Adam and Moxie Mentoring. They fill a need in the travel nurse industry that was desperately needed. Having been recruiters in the trenches prior to this, they have a unique perspective on where your organization is at with training and how they can get you to the next level.”
-Richard Smith
Owner/Vice President, Atlas MedStaf
“I can unequivocally recommend Moxie Mentoring as a fabulous resource for Recruiter Training. My staff realized that they've only seen the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to their level of contribution. Adam highlighted the importance of connecting and staying connected with the professionals they engage and demonstrated the multiple platforms he uses for connectivity. My company intends to have Moxie Mentoring return on a regular basis to help cement the key concepts of recruiting to allow our staff to meet their potential. I recommend Moxie mentoring to anyone in the health care staffing industry."
-Barry McDonald
President, Preferred Healthcare Registry
“I’ve not seen a focused program like this for nurse recruiter training, certainly not among all the venders that have come to the healthcare staffing summit.  I think it’s something great that nurse staffing firms should be looking at.”
-Hugo Traeger
Director, Staffing Industry Analysts
“Shari has developed and implemented an phenomenal program for recruiters with and without industry experience. Her training is approachable, positive and well organized. Shari is making her mark on the travel nursing industry by creating a path to better communication and quality traveler/recruiter experiences. I recommend Shari and Moxie Mentoring for anyone looking to be the change that you want to see in this industry. Thank you Shari for being an inspiration. ”
-Mindy Milligan
Director of Recruitment & Travel Adventure at Coastal Healthcare Resources
“I am pleased to recommend the services of Moxie Mentoring. Shari and Adam have provided Recruiter Training for my new recruitment team on two occasions. They have extensive experience in the healthcare recruitment industry and bring a wealth of knowledge to aid the recruitment team in avoiding common pitfalls that new recruiters often fall into. Their training has given each team an added advantage and a focus to keep on track to reach their recruitment goals. 
I feel confident in recommending Moxie Mentoring. They are not only thorough, but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss any concerns and respond to questions the new recruitment team may have. ”
-Lanora Allen
CEO, Costal Healthcare Resources
“Shari is a fantastic Travel Nurse Recruiting trainer and trusted resource with an impressive depth of actionable information and up-to-date industry insight. Working with Shari was wonderfully effective, and our team was genuinely awestruck by the wealth of knowledge she presented in the relatively short time she was with us for onsite training. Shari has continued to support our organization and demonstrated time and again that she and Moxie are among the most valuable partners in the industry. ”
-Rodney Spencer
Manager of Healthcare Recruiting, Voca
“Adam is very detailed orientated and produced great results for the company. In less than a day him and his wife Shari gave us a presentation that opened up our eyes to new evolving ideas that has helped our company grow over the last year. He also reminded us of the core process that keeps those long lasting relationships with our clients. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impressions. I would recommend Moxie Mentoring to anyone in the recruiting business. The training is easy to follow and has produced tremendous results.”
-Cory Drymond
Career Representative, Summit Medical Staffing
"It is with a great deal of excitement and respect I write this recommendation for both Adam Gomez and the team of Moxie Mentoring. I had the privilege to engage Adam for both consultative services and team training for our recruitment team. Adam was incredibly personable and connected with our recruiters immediately, resulting in an immersive and interactive training experience. Adam is a wealth of knowledge with respect to healthcare staffing, recruiting and general industry best practices. I was impressed with the intuitive questions Adam and the Moxie Mentoring team were able to ask after a brief introduction to our organization. We received great feedback and actionable recommendations from Adam soon after the onsite visit. I look forward to working with Adam again in the future."
-Caleb English
COO, TRS Healthcare
“Adam’s understanding of the Healthcare sales cycle, qualifying, value propositions and closing are second to none. Imagine taking your very best healthcare recruiter’s process, that multi-million dollar a year biller, and dissecting it into clear, concise and repeatable steps that even the newest member of your team can grasp and immediately implement. This is what Moxie Mentoring can do for you organization. Preferred Healthcare anticipates having Adam and Moxie return in the near future to ensure our Healthcare Recruiters reach their full potential. ”
-Laura Durance
Director of Sales, Preferred Healthcare

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