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Moxie Public Online Training

No in-house trainer?  Let Moxie Mentoring lead your recruiters through an intensive high-touch learning experience to give them a competitive advantage.  Moxie Mentoring utilizes a revolutionary online training platform to deliver unparalleled content created specifically for the travel healthcare industry by people with a combined 30+ years of experience in the travel healthcare recruiting industry.  This 5-week training program is ideal for new recruiters and seasoned vets alike.

Moxie Public Online Training Topics Include:

- How to prospect
- Embracing the grind
- Qualifying candidates 
- Building profiles that appeal to your VMS & MSP partners
- Pitching pay with confidence and protecting your gross profit
- The 2-step close
- Onboarding and the customer experience
- Organization, retention, and referrals 
- Conflict resolution
- Teamwork makes the dream work

Key Features of the Program:

- Interactive online workshops. 
- Open discussion boards. 
- Collaborative exercises. 
- Quiz and assessments to ensure retention and promote engagements with    materials. 
- Intensive ongoing coaching experience. 
- Recruiters from multiple agencies may attend the same course.

Praise for Moxie

“I am pleased to recommend the services of Moxie Mentoring. Shari and Adam have provided Recruiter Training for my new recruitment team on two occasions. They have extensive experience in the healthcare recruitment industry and bring a wealth of knowledge to aid the recruitment team in avoiding common pitfalls that new recruiters often fall into. Their training has given each team an added advantage and a focus to keep on track to reach their recruitment goals.
I feel confident in recommending Moxie Mentoring. They are not only thorough, but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss any concerns and respond to questions the new recruitment team may have. ”

-Lanora Allen
CEO, Costal Healthcare Resources

“Shari is a fantastic Travel Nurse Recruiting trainer and trusted resource with an impressive depth of actionable information and up-to-date industry insight. Working with Shari was wonderfully effective, and our team was genuinely awestruck by the wealth of knowledge she presented in the relatively short time she was with us for onsite training. Shari has continued to support our organization and demonstrated time and again that she and Moxie are among the most valuable partners in the industry. ”

-Rodney Spencer
Manager of Healthcare Recruiting, Voca

“We have partnered with Shari and Moxie Mentoring for over a year. Shari's coaching, mentoring and sales training has helped our organization achieve superior results. She is able to take her skill set and apply it to our company culture. I feel confident recommending Shari and Moxie Mentoring.”

-Diane Ernatt
Director of Logistics, Atlas MedStaff

“Adam is very detailed orientated and produced great results for the company. In less than a day him and his wife Shari gave us a presentation that opened up our eyes to new evolving ideas that has helped our company grow over the last year. He also reminded us of the core process that keeps those long lasting relationships with our clients. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impressions. I would recommend Moxie Mentoring to anyone in the recruiting business. The training is easy to follow and has produced tremendous results.”

-Cory Drymond
Career Representative, Summit Medical Staffing

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