Annual Subscription

Moxie Mentoring Customized Annual Subscription Platform

Already have a trainer? Let Moxie Mentoring’s robust online learning management system (LMS) serve as the foundation for your recruitment team’s training needs. With an annual subscription you will receive an annual content licensing agreement allowing complete access to all of Moxie’s training resources, including full-access to the LMS for up to 100 active users. In addition, Moxie will work with your training team to create a training (onboarding) schedule for all of your new employees. Best of all, the LMS may be customized to incorporate additional training material your team already has in place. Or, we can work with your team to help develop additional training material, as needed. Additional fees for customization may be incurred – speak with a Moxie representative to learn more!

Moxie Mentoring Customized Annual Subscription Platform Topics Include:

- How to prospect
- Embracing the grind
- Qualifying candidates 
- I have a profile, now what?
- Pay Packages - Pitching with confidence & good profit margins
- The 2-step close
- Onboarding and the customer experience
- Welcome to the big leagues
- Conflict resolution
- Teamwork makes the dream work

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Praise for Moxie

"It is with a great deal of excitement and respect I write this recommendation for both Adam Gomez and the team of Moxie Mentoring. I had the privilege to engage Adam for both consultative services and team training for our recruitment team. Adam was incredibly personable and connected with our recruiters immediately, resulting in an immersive and interactive training experience. Adam is a wealth of knowledge with respect to healthcare staffing, recruiting and general industry best practices. I was impressed with the intuitive questions Adam and the Moxie Mentoring team were able to ask after a brief introduction to our organization. We received great feedback and actionable recommendations from Adam soon after the onsite visit. I look forward to working with Adam again in the future."

-Caleb English
COO, TRS Healthcar

“Adam’s understanding of the Healthcare sales cycle, qualifying, value propositions and closing are second to none. Imagine taking your very best healthcare recruiter’s process, that multi-million dollar a year biller, and dissecting it into clear, concise and repeatable steps that even the newest member of your team can grasp and immediately implement. This is what Moxie Mentoring can do for you organization. Preferred Healthcare anticipates having Adam and Moxie return in the near future to ensure our Healthcare Recruiters reach their full potential. ”

-Laura Durance
Director of Sales, Preferred Healthcare

“I can unequivocally recommend Moxie Mentoring as a fabulous resource for Recruiter Training. My staff realized that they've only seen the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to their level of contribution. Adam highlighted the importance of connecting and staying connected with the professionals they engage and demonstrated the multiple platforms he uses for connectivity. My company intends to have Moxie Mentoring return on a regular basis to help cement the key concepts of recruiting to allow our staff to meet their potential. I recommend Moxie mentoring to anyone in the health care staffing industry."

-Barry McDonald
President, Preferred Healthcare Registry