Moxie Coaching

With Moxie’s one-on-one coaching services, we work with your recruiter to identify and capitalize on strengths as well as identify areas for improvement. This 6-week program is 100% customized and tailored to each individual recruiter needs.  We will work together during weekly calls or video sessions to increase your recruiter’s overall success in acquiring new business, retaining existing clients and earning referrals.

Uncovering non-serving biases and beliefs

Organizational habits and establishing a schedule

Finding and attracting the "right" candidates

Building your personal brand

Protecting your margins

Creatively and effectively recruiting new business

Praise for Moxie

“I have had the pleasure of working with Adam for several years now. He is an amazing trainer and sales person. Our company has been blessed to work with him and the Moxie Mentoring company. They are a big reason we were the fastest growing staffing company in the US this year. His vision and experience in this industry make him invaluable to anyone looking to improve their company. ”

-Steve Ryan
Owner/President, Atlas MedStaf

“Shari has developed and implemented an phenomenal program for recruiters with and without industry experience. Her training is approachable, positive and well organized. Shari is making her mark on the travel nursing industry by creating a path to better communication and quality traveler/recruiter experiences. I recommend Shari and Moxie Mentoring for anyone looking to be the change that you want to see in this industry. Thank you Shari for being an inspiration. ”

-Mindy Milligan
Director of Recruitment & Travel Adventure at Coastal Healthcare Resources

““We trust all of our training to Shari, Adam and Moxie Mentoring. They fill a need in the travel nurse industry that was desperately needed. Having been recruiters in the trenches prior to this, they have a unique perspective on where your organization is at with training and how they can get you to the next level.”

-Richard Smith
Owner/Vice President, Atlas MedStaf

“Adam is very detailed orientated and produced great results for the company. In less than a day him and his wife Shari gave us a presentation that opened up our eyes to new evolving ideas that has helped our company grow over the last year. He also reminded us of the core process that keeps those long lasting relationships with our clients. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impressions. I would recommend Moxie Mentoring to anyone in the recruiting business. The training is easy to follow and has produced tremendous results.”

-Cory Drymond
Career Representative, Summit Medical Staffing

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