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Our clients are highly talented, effective business people who are overwhelmed by the rapid growth of their business. They are pulling top sales people from the floor to train and mentor new hires. And worse, they are spending way too much money on training programs that are not industry specific.

That’s where we come in. With over 30-years of combined experience in the Healthcare Staffing Industry, Moxie Mentoring understands the challenges that you face. 

Looking to enhance your current training? We can take what you are already doing and create a fresh and interactive and collaborative learning experience for your team.

No training at all? No problem, let us handle creating your training program, so you can focus on the continued growth of your firm.

Moxie Mentoring Training Services

Moxie Mentoring Annual Subscription Recruiter Training

Moxie will train your in-house trainer to utilize this premium high-touch learning experience filled with interactive online workshops and online assessments to ensure information retention.

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Moxie Led Online Recruiter Training

Let Moxie lead your recruiters through the Moxie Mentoring online training platform and coach your recruiters to a winning performance!

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On-site Moxie Recruiter Training

Utilize our on-site 3 day intensive training to get your recruiters poised for production and prepared to recruit with Moxie.

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Moxie-Led Leadership Training

Learn management skills from visionary leaders and experts to drive growth and opportunity for your business. Your dynamic front-line team will benefit from topics considered in this comprehensive leadership program. Moxie coaches will work directly with your current or future leaders to develop a fully individualized approach to leading in today’s Healthcare Staffing Market!

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Social Media Recruiter Training

Everyone benefits when your team is social! Your recruiters will learn how to leverage social platforms for sourcing and retaining top talent. The tools available to your recruitment team have changed, shouldn’t your training strategy change too!

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Moxie Account Management Training

Your Account Managers will learn how to develop existing partnerships and build new ones. They will receive training to help them progress deals and improve your team’s submittal to placement ratio. Train your team to win with Moxie’s long-awaited Travel Healthcare Account Manager training program!

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Compliance and Credentialing Training 

Best practices for credentialing is a key component for serving your clients and implementing or exceeding an industry-recognized set of standards should be a priority.  Train your team on proper Joint Commission and CMS standards; create processes to ensure efficiency; and increase effectiveness of on time starts and complete customer satisfaction. 

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Customized Sales Seminars

Is your team struggling with a specific topic? We will partner with you to build a seminar to meet your needs and get your team running on all cylinders.

Travel Healthcare Recruiting Fundamentals

Sales Cycle; Concepts and Strategies

Keeping a Healthy Gross Profit

Sustainable Growth

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