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Vulnerability in Leadership

What does being vulnerable have to do with being a great leader?

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Hiring Travel Healthcare Recruiters: Part 2

This 2nd part in a series on hiring answers these questions: How do you identify the "A" players? And, should you hire based on experience or attitude and aptitude?

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Hiring Travel Healthcare Recruiters: Part 1

Hiring top performers is a challenge in a competitive market. With so much riding on your ability to bring in new talent, it’s important that you have a strategy for attracting these highly sought-after individuals.

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Stop Proposing Marriage

If you don't expect to get engaged after a first date with someone, why would you expect a customer to jump on board after one social media post?

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Helping Recruiters Identify Their Blind Spots

When do recruiters with less talent succeed while their more talented counterparts fail?

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Creating a Unified Front

It's common for rifts to be created between your recruitment and account management teams. But, make sure you do something about them.

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Recruiter Lessons From Hip-Hop Music

90s Hip-Hop and Gangsta Rap offered us so many valuable lessons in life and business, don't you think?

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