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When Life Gives You Tomatoes (A Recruiting Analogy)

Who knew that healthcare recruiting and growing tomatoes had so much in common?

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Top Tips for New Recruiters

In this week's guest blog, Holly Fenn of Fusion Medical Staffing shares her top tips for newbie recruiters from a recruiter/sales trainer's point of view!

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Things to Look For When Hiring Your Next Recruiter

No one wants to make mistakes when it comes to hiring recruiters. Let us help you find "The One(s)".

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To Hire Remote, or Not to Hire Remote

Many agencies are hiring (or are considering hiring) remote employees to expand their talent pool. But, is it the right choice, and how can you make it work?

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Wanderly: Enabling Meaningful Connections

Shari had the opportunity to sit down with Nurse Kelley from Wanderly to take a closer look at how their innovative technology is challenging the status quo.

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How and When to Walk Away from Type C Candidates

Once you've determined that a candidate isn't a good fit for you or your agency, how do you "break up" without causing too much damage?

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I Had A Second Chance to Lead, and Here’s What I Learned

Shari uses her past experience as a manager to share the lessons she has learned about being a strong leader or manager in healthcare staffing.

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