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How and When to Walk Away from Type C Candidates

Once you've determined that a candidate isn't a good fit for you or your agency, how do you "break up" without causing too much damage?

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Top Tips for New Recruiters

In this week's guest blog, Holly Fenn of Fusion Medical Staffing shares her top tips for newbie recruiters from a recruiter/sales trainer's point of view!

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I Had A Second Chance to Lead, and Here’s What I Learned

Shari uses her past experience as a manager to share the lessons she has learned about being a strong leader or manager in healthcare staffing.

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Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Social Media Recruiting

Think you can successfully recruit on social media without a plan? Think again.

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So You Want to Start Your Own Agency

If one of your dreams is to own your own healthcare staffing agency, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

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The Best Piece of Advice I Ever Received

Shari shares a piece of "Aha!" advice she received as a frustrated recruiter that totally changed her attitude. She hopes it will change yours, too.

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Me Versus We

In this week's guest blog, Anthony Hudson of Medical Solutions talks about the pitfalls of "feature vomiting" and how tweaking your wording can make a huge difference!

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