Meet Moxie!

Shari Dalton

Founder and CEO

Shari has over 15-years of experience in the sales and recruiting segment and is a certified coach through the Center for Executive Coaching. She knows the ins and outs of the industry and understands the stressors. Her mission, as a Moxie Mentor, is to empower staff members to perform with confidence as well as intention to maximize performance, accountability, and growth.

Shari works with all areas of a Healthcare Staffing firm-from training new hires, to one-on-one or group coaching with top sales performers, working side by side with executives, and even collaborating with operational team members.

She is passionate about creating a mindset of confidence and achievement for them individually and for their company.

With over a decade spent on the front line of the Healthcare Staffing industry, Shari has always performed ahead of the curve, even during tough economic times. She is a results-driven problem solver with an uncanny ability to look at the big picture and help create a path to success. She understands the complexities of the industry, but also recognizes there is a financial opportunity for owners and sales professionals in this industry that is untapped. Shari’s goal is to deliver a competitive edge to each of her clients and create a foundation for success which will persist.

Adam Gomez

Founder and COO

Adam began his career in the healthcare staffing industry nearly a decade ago, working in a dual role as a client manager and recruiter. Throughout his career, he has worked with peers and leadership to improve the experience of travelers and client facilities alike. His drive and passion to this end has not gone unnoticed. He is known as a thought leader by many in the industry, and is frequently consulted by senior leadership because he is solutions-oriented and has a panache for creative problem-solving.

Before starting his career in the healthcare staffing industry Adam worked in a Behavioral Neuroscience lab and recently published an article in the Journal of Developmental Neurobiology. As an undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) he studied psychology where he served as the President of Psi Chi (The International Honor Society in Psychology). Adam’s educational background and professional experience in healthcare staffing form a solid foundation for inspiring and motivating others in the field.

Prior to receiving his education from UNO Adam served in the Marine Corps. Adam’s time in service was highlighted by his selection as Platoon Honorman, a distinction reserved for the Marine graduating at the top of his military occupational specialty (MOS) school, meritorious promotion to Lance Corporal and Corporal, and for receiving the prestigious Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal for developing and implementing an intelligent system of asset redistribution which saved our government more than three-hundred million dollars.

Adam has served as a mentor throughout his life even outside of his chosen profession, including; scout leader for the Boy Scouts organization in his hometown, youth head football coach, youth baseball coach, and Vice President of the youth football organization.

Adam’s commitment to improving the lives of those around him and his unwavering determination in the pursuit of excellence, make him a perfect fit for Moxie.

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