At Moxie, one of our three pillars for successful sales is a theory called abundance.  This theory is widely talked about in general sales and can be especially powerful for recruiters.

The first step to operate from a position of abundance is to detach yourself from the prospect.  When you are detached you are objective, open-minded, and neutral.  In sales, this is extremely powerful because it allows you to really focus on the customer and determine if and how you can help them.  Remember our previous blog about being intentional (another pillar)?  It’s solving, not selling.

It is not natural for sales people to be detached from their prospects.  Most sales people are type-A, assertive men and women who have to be in control of every situation.  They can get attached to the sale, regardless of the red flags, and begin to make a series of bad decisions.  They latch on to the idea of having the highest numbers on the leaderboard.  They cling to the image of the new car they plan to purchase when they hit those full desk numbers.  Being attached can be detrimental to a sale.

Take a deep breath.  When you detach from the prospect and operate from a position of abundance, you will learn to take the next logical step based on what is actually happening, versus what you need to happen.   Operating from abundance allows you to remain present in the conversation.  It also allows you to clearly determine if the sale will create a mutually beneficial outcome.

How many times have you thought to yourself “well sure, they are at a full desk, they can afford to lose 2-3 people in a month”?   You’re right, they can afford it and not sweat it, but the reason they got to those top sales levels and were able to maintain at that level is because they were particular about who they chose to work with.  They made solid, objective decisions about who they chose to do business with.

I preach time and time again in my new hire training sessions-treat every call as if you are already working with 20 people.  Scarcity is the opposite of abundance.  When things are scarce, you become emotional, anxious, impatient, fearful, agitated.  The second you get desperate for the sale, you will start to make mistakes.  The best control you can have is to let go of the control and let things happen, detach, be present.

I challenge each of you to put this into action.  Every call you make for the next 2 weeks, consider looking at your prospect as if you already had 20 + working on your desk.  What’s the worse that could happen?

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