Crutch Words

I was in a coaching session with a client the other day talking about ways to get her to the next level for working count.  She is a pretty solid recruiter.  She has industry experience and seems to have a good relationship with her nurses, but something wasn’t hitting right for her.  She was having trouble getting them to open up to other locations, creating a Plan B or even C for her nurses.

I asked her to walk me thru the conversations she has with them so we could dissect it.   It’s like the light bulb went off as soon as she took the time to hear the words that she spoke quite often.  She opened many of her “Plan B” conversations with “I feel like…”.  “I feel like we’ve spent a lot of time looking here and nothing has opened up” or “I feel like this is an opportunity you should really consider.”

Guess what, no one cares what you feel like. I don’t care what my kids “feel like” having for dinner, especially after I’ve already been cooking for 45 minutes.  It’s an ineffective phrase and all it really says, is that you are trying to avoid conflict and don’t have the courage or conviction to say what it is you really mean to say.

Not only is it a weak phrase, but it truly diminishes your value to them as a recruiter.  They rely on you for facts, guidance, education.   Your feelings aren’t going to determine whether or not they have a successful travel assignment.  Guiding them and assuring them with the facts will do that.

The next time you are trying to open someone up to another location, present them with the facts.  Talk to them about what’s important to them, and why Plan B would be a perfect alternative!

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