Healthcare Sales Staff: Burnout Cycles

If you’ve been in the Healthcare Staffing industry for more than a week you’ve admittedly wanted to bang your head against the keyboard or wall at least once or twice. I’ve heard it described as a roller coaster in this job-when you’re up, you’re up, but when you’re down, you’re down. One of my clients was experiencing one of these burnout cycles when we first began working together.

After only one or two sessions, however, he realized that burnout wasn’t the problem, it was the result.

The real problem was that he became too focused on what wasn’t going right at the time. Let’s take a step back.

During the process of vetting out strong clients and matching them with jobs, interviewing, the offer and placement process, etc., there are A LOT of moving pieces. There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen trying to create a seamless exchange between client hospital and prospective RN.

I found myself asking him the same thing I ask my 7-year-old. “What can you control?” What parts of the process can you control? What parts of the process, where you aren’t in direct control, can you be more proactive? What can you change about what YOU are doing to prevent burning out? For him, it was being better educated on the placement process once a job offer was made. He took steps to meet with his team to become better educated on the process he had formerly been more hands off with.

We worked together to create a process suitable to his needs and this resulted in much less stress. We made a few small tweaks to his processes and now he sounds more knowledgeable and organized when working with his nurses. He isn’t struggling with getting paperwork in at the last minute on a weekly basis. And he has earned more respect and trust for the other cooks in the kitchen. Indirectly, as a result of these minor tweaks, he has seen an increase in commissions because he is no longer having to delay starts or cancel contracts due to insufficient or inaccurate paperwork.

Burnout is an easy excuse and one that doesn’t prompt you to look inward for solutions. You want to avoid the dreaded burnout in this industry? You had better start looking at yourself. Avoid burnout-call Moxie today to set up your individual coaching sessions-see which customizable coaching options will work best to help you meet your personal and professional goals.

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