One-Size Sales Training Doesn’t Fit All

Throughout the years I’ve worked with some of the best and brightest in the healthcare staffing industry. My experience has taught me there are many different ways one can succeed as a recruiter in this industry. I’ve worked with some who are borderline OCD, I’m saying borderline because it seems nicer, and also because I’m not an expert so it would be unfair for me to assign a formal diagnosis. Others I’ve worked with compete at everything they do so tenaciously you fear they just may stroke out when something doesn’t go their way and you vehemently reject the thought of working with them on a project. Others simply outwork their competition, coming in early and staying late, each and every day.

Being a successful healthcare staffing recruiter is accomplished in many ways. There is no set script or mold available to sales managers or company owners from which to base their sales coaching or sales training upon. Being an owner or a sales manager in this competitive industry is hard work. Think about it. Each individual sales professional possesses a unique set of strengths and talents; possesses an equally unique set of challenges; maintains their own privately held beliefs about the value they as individuals are capable of providing; differs in their personal beliefs about your company and/or the service or product you offer; and to top it off, each sales professional learns in an entirely different way. If this sounds extremely complicated, it’s because it is!

Standard Training Practices in Travel Healthcare Recruitment

So how do owners and sales managers across the industry address sales training/coaching? Here’s what many do and I’ll tell you why there is a better alternative available to you and your team! Many owners and sales managers believe that by capturing what their top 10% do, they can take that “secret sauce” and introduce it to those who are not performing to their potential.

A Better Training Solution

It’s a logical step and many companies out there have developed entire training programs based on this design. But here’s why it doesn’t work. What happens when you try to incorporate this one size fits all training program into your business? The answer likely is—very little. And the reason is simple when you think about it.

Let’s start with a fundamental assumption most people in the sales coaching/training field, and anyone who has read a book on the subject, can agree upon: most sales people who are underperforming already know what they need to do in order to succeed. Wait, let me say that again. Most sales people who are underperforming already know what they need to do in order to succeed. So, what’s missing from the sales coaching programs being used by many healthcare staffing businesses? The simple answer is an appreciation for the unique characteristics of the individual being coached.

Reviewing a list of what their top 10% are doing differently from the rest of the sales staff and hoping the information inspires everyone in the room to new levels of production is not a good use of time. Don’t get me wrong, everyone in that meeting will walk out feeling good and ready to tackle the next task, and if that’s your aim than go for it. Rallying the troops has its place and these types of informational gatherings can do just that.

But if you’re seeking to truly develop members of your sales staff and to see a return on your investment think about this next statement. When each sales trainee walks out of that room he or she will still be carrying the same belief system (about themselves, and your company and services), will still be burdened by the same unique challenges they walked into the training room with, and may or may not retain much of the information depending upon whether you reached them through the training methodology you administered! Isn’t it time to give your staff the individualized sales training they want and need?

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