Old Dog, New Trick?

I heard a story recently and I can’t believe how it resonated with my clients and the work that I do.  The story is about a dog who lays on his porch next to his owner, whining and whimpering as the mailman walks by.  The other dogs in the neighborhood are all barking and running around, but not this dog.  Day after day, the mailman walks by and the dog is always in the same spot on the porch whining and whimpering.

Finally, one day, the mailman stops to talk to the old man.  He asks, “What’s wrong with your dog?”  The owner replies, “He is laying on a nail”.  Surprised, the mailman says “what?!?!  Why doesn’t he get up?”  To which the owner replies, “It’s the only spot on the porch that gets sun.”

The nail is uncomfortable, but there are certain benefits that come from laying on it-the warm sun.  The dog knows what to expect, so he is content.

When you’re in sales, and doing well, it’s hard to change or try new things.  Let’s take organization for example.  That seems to be the achilles heel of so many great sales people.  It can be extremely frustrating and demoralizing when great leads are slipping away or you are forgetting to follow up with your clients on time.  But you can’t find the time to step back and figure out an organizational plan that works for you, right?

With the industry is as good as it is right now, I hear time and time again that “I know what I need to do, I’m just too busy to do it right now.”  I get it-Staying in the sun has its benefits.  What if you get up off the nail and can’t find anywhere else to lay in the sun?  The benefit and value of getting off the nail and out of the sun has to be worth it.

That is where I come in for my clients.  From executives that are overwhelmed with their rapid growth, to top sales performers who can’t get organized.  The nail may not hurt that bad, but if you’re willing to get off of it, the possibilities are attainable and endless-the warm sunshine is abundant.

Change is scary-Change is uncomfortable-No one likes Change.  Sometimes the pain we know is more comfortable than the pain we don’t.  To get off the nail, you have got to want it bad enough.  It takes determination and a sense of fearlessness.  It takes willpower and constant focus and effort.  Change may take sacrifice and an incredible amount of faith.  Change takes Moxie.

But change can mean freedom and healing.  Change can mean discovery and exciting new options you’ve never considered possible before.  Lying on the nail may not be comfortable, but at least you know what to expect, right?  That’s good enough for most people.  Is it good enough for you?

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