Be a Super Recruiter in 2017

Starting out in the industry as a new recruiter can be challenging. Veteran recruiters have made hundreds, even thousands, of contacts and have an extremely large reach in comparison to the newbie just getting started on the phones. But in 2017 there are many ways for those new to recruiting to expand their reach using technology (primarily social media) and personal branding strategies. It’s safe to say technology has leveled the playing field between these two groups of recruiters. Here are a few things recruiters (agencies) can do to see big gains in 2017:

Attend a marketing or branding seminar to understand how social media networking can grow your business.

Find a teenager and learn how to navigate Snap Chat and Instagram. They’re the only ones that seem to understand these applications spontaneously.Identify and utilize apps which will enhance a travelers’ experience (I’m thinking CamScanner and Trover!!), but there are many to choose from.

Create a recruiter webpage or website. Share industry knowledge, news, videos, pics etc.Run your own ads on Facebook. This type of advertising is relatively inexpensive and can be targeted to a very specific audience.

Publish articles which provide value to travel nurses or those considering travel and share on LinkedIN, Facebook, or both!Create instructional videos for travelers to expand their knowledge of key topics relevant to them. 

Share these videos on one or all of the social networking sites.Use Skype or other video chat software to put a face to your voice.

Conduct webinars or even lower-tech seminars in your area for travel nurses on key topics.

Utilize an email marketing service like MailChimp to stay in front of passive candidates and enhance the value you offer your current travelers through focused email campaigns.

Enlist help from your current travelers to create video testimonials to be shared with prospects.

If you’re new to the industry jumpstart your recruiting career using social networking sites and technology. Quickly you’ll surpass some of the “old dogs” who don’t know any teenagers to help them figure these things out!

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