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With over 30-years of combined experience recruiting travel nurses and allied professionals, we heard all too often the “fake it ‘til you make it” teaching method, ourselves included.  Seasoned recruiters were burdened with the added responsibility of maintaining high head counts while training newly hired recruiters, ourselves included.  This led to inconsistencies and gaps in processes and sometimes, even resulted in poor patient care because the wrong people were placed in jobs by inexperienced recruiters. 

We were thankful for finding such a great industry and to be working with one of the top trusted and respected professions in our country, healthcare professionals, but we wanted to do more.  We loved seeing our professionals
paired with great client hospitals and wanted all recruiters to have the loyal
and trusting relationships that we had with our travelers.  We wanted agencies to be viewed as valued partners to client facilities instead of a necessary evil.  We wanted to make sure that if our kids or family members were hospitalized that they were receiving care from the nation’s best! 

We knew that if we could curb the learning deficit that recruiters are faced with, it would make an impact. Moxie was born. 

We took years of combined personal success, and researched other proven recruitment and sales strategies.  We partnered with travel nurse professionals, Directors of Nursing, Nurse Educators, Agency owners, VMS and MSP directors and managers and built a collaborative learning experience for both new and veteran recruiters alike. 

Our state-of-the-art training platform has not only given recruiters a competitive advantage, but has increased a single recruiter’s revenue potential by an average of $1MM/year!  Our recruiters have built stronger and more loyal relationships with their travelers. Client facilities and third party
vendors are pleased with our ability to streamline processes for compliance as well as increase offer acceptance rates.  
The Moxie Recruiter Training program is bridging the gap between agencies, travelers, and hospitals.  It creates a seamless and reliable process while offering an exceptional experience for all involved. And it is doing this, all while keeping the end goal in mind; providing premium patient care.

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