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What is Moxie?

Moxie Mentoring is the only travel healthcare recruiter training available that has been developed by actual travel healthcare recruiters. We have taken our over 30-years of combined experience to develop a unique training that has been proven to increase the productivity and effectiveness of travel healthcare recruiters. Don't just take our word for it, see what others have been saying about Moxie Mentoring.

The Moxie Platform

Moxie Online Annual Subscription Recruiter Training

Premium high-touch learning experience filled with interactive online workshops, collaborative exercises, and even assessments to ensure information retention.

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Moxie Led Online Recruiter Training

Let Moxie lead your recruiters through the Moxie Mentoring online training platform and coach your recruiters at each step of the way.

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On-site Moxie Recruiter Training

Want even more Moxie? Utilize our on-site 3-day intensive training to get your recruiters poised for production and prepared to recruit with Moxie.

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Moxie Love!

"Moxie Mentoring has brought experience, fundamental content, and structure to our training program.  In addition, we have been allowed- and encouraged- to include our own content and ideas, making our program highly customized.  Their follow-up and customer service is exceptional.  We have already seen the results a great training program can provide and truly see Moxie Mentoring as a partner in our success."

-Vicki Ortmeier RN, BSN
Fusion Medical Staffing, LLC

“One of the biggest challenges that you have as an agency is training your recruiters.  With rapid expansion, replacing turnover is something that takes place constantly.  Yet, the worst thing is to take your top recruiters and take them off the desk to do the training, so what do you do?  The alternative is bringing in professional trainers, that’s great but after they leave after a couple days, you’re stuck holding the bag. So, I was so excited to see the Moxie Mentoring professional online training modules.  WOW! They have solved a problem that the industry has had for years!”

-Cynthia Kinnas
Founding Board Member, NATHO

“I’ve not seen a focused program like this for nurse recruiter training, certainly not among all the venders that have come to the healthcare staffing summit.  I think it’s something great that nurse staffing firms should be looking at.”

-Hugo Traeger
Director, Staffing Industry Analysts

“I have had the pleasure of working with Adam for several years now. He is an amazing trainer and sales person. Our company has been blessed to work with him and the Moxie Mentoring company. They are a big reason we were the fastest growing staffing company in the US this year. His vision and experience in this industry make him invaluable to anyone looking to improve their company. ”

-Steve Ryan
Owner/President, Atlas MedStaf

“Shari has developed and implemented an phenomenal program for recruiters with and without industry experience. Her training is approachable, positive and well organized. Shari is making her mark on the travel nursing industry by creating a path to better communication and quality traveler/recruiter experiences. I recommend Shari and Moxie Mentoring for anyone looking to be the change that you want to see in this industry. Thank you Shari for being an inspiration. ”

-Mindy Milligan
Director of Recruitment & Travel Adventure at Coastal Healthcare Resources

"Adam and the Moxie team provide our recruiters with industry-best training. The detail they’ve put into building their program is phenomenal. It is comprehensive and built using the same language other professionals in the space are familiar with. Alternative training solutions out there for staffing firms simply don’t translate to the travel healthcare staffing market the way the Moxie training program does. And to top things off, they now offer an online training platform. It’s obvious the Moxie team clearly understands the challenges agencies face when it comes to training their front-line sales/recruitment team! Now we’re able to train our recruiters AND keep our top performers doing what they do best-Recruiting! I highly recommend Moxie Mentoring’s on-site and ONLINE recruiter training program to any healthcare staffing firm looking to give their recruiters a competitive advantage!"

-Cole Reller
Primetime Healthcare, LLC

“Moxie has completely flipped the script when it comes to training a recruitment team! From the fun, engaging games, to the detailed online program,to the in-depth round table discussion topics, their training program is guaranteed to make you question all of your old tactics. Adam and Shari are bursting with innovative ideas to shake up your team and bring a fresh enthusiasm to your floor! Not only have we seen a quicker turn around on new recruiters bringing in deals, but the overall industry knowledge of our recruiting floor has increased and lead to better connections with our Travelers. Moxie is the way to go!”

-Amanda Burnett
Republic Health Resources

“Excel Medical Staffing chose to partner with Moxie to train our recruiters on industry wide best practices. We love the modular on demand format. The quality, accuracy and customization is a home run. Thank you Team Moxie!”

Excel Medical Staffing

“When deciding to move forward with the Moxie training, I realized that it really boiled down to 3 important components:  it’s easy to use/easy to follow with step-by-step modules, the founders of the company come from a credible background in the industry and truly KNOW the recruiter life-cycle, and it’sold school enough to have the foundation rooted in what has worked BEFORE but progressive enough to put into motion what works NOW.”

-Tate Bailey
MedUS Travelers

“Moxie has become an extension to our recruiting training program. They enhanced our recruiting teams knowledge and confidence.We have been able to utilize their existing program, have created enrichment classes for specified topics to dig deeper, and have recently scheduled them to come on site to provide feedback for growth. They have always been quick to be a resource no matter the obstacle or question I contact them about.”

-Cherise Strzok
Premier Medical Staffing Services

“I was very impressed with the training provided! It was creative, interactive and engaging! Even though I had been in the industry for a few years, I learned a lot of new things to apply to the next phase of my career.”


“I started in the travel nurse recruiting industry a few months ago and completed Moxie training within the first 2 weeks. I blew the minimums out of the water within the first few weeks - thanks to Moxie! I learned everything from pay packages, specialties, how to qualify candidates, how to have difficult conversation - absolutely everything that Moxie teaches is gold. I reference Moxie all the time because the way the information is presented is so clear and SO accurate! Thank you for creating such a high-quality training guide that's taking recruiters from decent to amazing!”


Moxie Musings

Never Been a Price That Can't Be Beat

If you put yourself up on an auction block to be bid on, please understand that you’re expendable. Stop acting surprised when the candidate ghosts you or demands that you increase pay or they will be walking off the job.

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